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cSupport is an independent service provider for on-demand tech support for laptop, PC, software and other connected devices. We work over a user-friendly technical framework and our aim is to simplify our client’s complex digital life. Our services are designed to extemporize profit of clients. Over the years, we have gained the trust of our clients and have become preferred name in the industry of online tech support. We have no limited period; you can get in touch with us 24 X 7 X 365. We have online tech support for complete computer and software related problems. Our services include PC support, MS Applications Support, Anti-Virus & Anti-Spy ware Support and lots more. We are equipped with technically adept and experienced workforce, which enables us to provide fast and efficient assistance for all major brands like MS, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer etc.

We can undertake building and integrating of single and multi-tiered technical support solutions. We offer a wide range of support services from simple issue to multiple support applications. cSupport offers reduced costs, increased lifetime of the machine and satisfied customer. We have been able to maintain our profile in this highly competitive IT industry bece:

  • We believe in honesty, integrity and passion for work.
  • Equipped with latest technology including both software and hardware
  • Advanced diagnostic tools for swift service
  • Work above the expectations of the customer
  • Personalized and Customer centric support plans

Apart from above mentioned mottos, we maintain high confidentiality when it comes to information of ay client. We give it prime importance and maintain strict security and monitoring procedures. We are a reliable and trustworthy tech support service provider, and our qualities have made us popular across the United States.

PROFICIENTwe are one stop solution for 24/7 online tech support for troubleshooting almost every problem in your PC. We can manage all brands; warranty-no-warranty does not matter. Our area of expertise includes:

  • PC Support
  • MS Applications
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

In addition, we also want you to be a better user and thus we help you in technical skills to improve your productivity. Our aim is to make our clients tech savvy and are able enough to resolve basic PC related problems independently. We encompass technical assistance via phone, e-mail, chat and remote assistance.

We provide:

  • Support for all the MS products and applications
  • Support for desktops and laptops of brands such as Dell, Toshiba, Acer & many more.
  • AntVirus support such as Norton, McAfee, Webroot, AVG, Kaspersky & Trend Micro etc.
  • ISP support for various brands
  • Support for Printer, Scanners, and several other peripherals
  • Support for software

cSupport offers honest, dedicated, consistent and quality service.

TEAM & FACILITY- Consumers of technology background require high quality tech support. Increased dependency on technology has given it extra importance. Addressing the technical error on time is important for client’s satisfaction. With us, you will never experience busy phone, long hold line, busy chat signal etc. We have an in-house team to provide precise services to every client. The complete team works on multi-channel platform for comprehensive technical support. The team is competent and reliable and it has been made possible by thorough training sessions, multi level problem assessment and resolution. We have separate departments for specific problems for instant solution. The segregation includes Quality & Assurance Dept. for monitoring the support staff performance and ensuring deliverance as per defined quality standards Customer Service Dept. to provide customers with 24 x 7 assistance and address their queries in the best possible manner. Expert Assistance Dept takes care of the unresolved technical issues and troubleshoots them on priority. Client Servicing and Grievance Handling Dept. assures timely client feedback assessment and grievance management, if any, for improvisation of services

ADVANTAGE- with cSupport, you get tailored solutions for SMB including escalation procedures, system-level reporting and other required activities to meet the specific demands of its SMB clients.

  • An insight to the client’s future needs related to product development initiatives, technology up gradations, installations etc.
  • Dedicated Support team- you can make use of this service for daily or weekly or monthly, quarterly and annual reporting and by service calls.

We also provide prompt technical support, remote access and other customer friendly information and training. Our technical support staffs perform as single point-of-contact for each case, and quickly resolve issues and communicate with clients.

Service and Support Accountabilitywe are accountable for every commitment we make. We have a record time of answering 80% calls in seconds and 99% uptime.

CONNECTNow the question is how does cSupport Support work? We have a fast online support system, which can be used by call or via remote desktop.

You can discuss the problem over the phone or chat. Please mention the number of the contact person for details for easy communication. Once you connect with us, our certified technicians will try to solve the problem over these medium.

On Call 1800 301 9213On line: E-mail: [email protected]

Remote Desktopif you are facing problem in implementing the commands directed, we provide remote desktop assistance, which can be passive or active. Passive control let us see your system, guide you on proceedings whereas active control means we have full access to your system, and resolve the issue.

For any further assistance regarding our services, please feel free to call on our Toll Free number (888) 000-0000. We assure prompt and professional assistance.

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